“DuckTales” Reboot

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“DuckTales” Reboot

Amy Whitten and Zachari Musgraves

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The Disney XD reboot of the late ’80s cartoon “DuckTales” launched in August. It has received high reviews from IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes and its viewers.

“DuckTales” is a 1990s spin off of Donald Duck’s new life with his nephews and how his Uncle Scrooge creates memories by going on adventures with them.

Scrooge is always looking for ways to improve his fortune. He does it with the help of his three nephews Huey, Dewey Louie and his assistant’s granddaughter Webby.

Lifestyles of the old and new are equally represented as Scrooge tries to show his nephews that adventure and hard work can be found outside of cell phones and the technology that children typically have their noses stuck in.

The series currently has nine episodes in season one.

The skepticism surrounding this reboot melted away almost immediately as the familiar witty banter and style showed through, despite a new artistic approach.

The series is a wonderful mix of everything the original had to offer and modern themes which makes it enjoyable for young and old alike.

David Tennant, famous for his roles in “Doctor Who” and “Harry Potter,” is the voice of Scrooge. As always, he never fails to deliver and brings out the best in his character.

It’s a great series with an engaging story and a variety of interesting and colorful characters for all to enjoy.

Based on rating and vastly positive reviews, this series will see more than one season which will hopefully tie up the loose ends that the original left a bit mysterious and unclear.

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