Stranger Things Season 2

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Stranger Things Season 2

Lauren Sisson

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The new season of Stranger Things leaves fans in tears

Netflix’s “Stranger Things 2” premiered on Friday, October 27 on Netflix. The nine episode sci-fi thriller has been greeted with even more acclaim than the first season, which was awarded a SAG award earlier this year.

The second season was released right in time for Halloween, as many have been waiting all year for it to arrive.

“On Friday, my friends and I had a viewing party and binge-watched the entire season all night,” junior Katie Surette said. “I was definitely impressed.”

Some find that the new season was more unpredictable and eventful than the first.

“I found that the second season showed much more suspense than the first,” sophomore Kaiya Connelly said. “There was also a lot of character development, especially with one of the show’s most surprising characters, Steve Harrington.”

Many are impressed with the award-winning cast, most of whom are children.

“It is just amazing to me that these children are so talented at such a young age,” senior Bailey Willard said. “Even though some of them don’t have many lines, Eleven for example, they can show their emotion through the expressions on their faces.”

It is commonly agreeable with fans of the science fiction show that the season ended happily.

“The Snowball dance was definitely a calming and happy ending to the second season,” junior Dimitri Constantine said. “But, at the very end, when they zoom out and the Upside Down is still revealed, it suggests that we are going to see more from the shadow monster, and maybe finally find out what happened to Papa.”

Unfortunately for many die-hard fans, there was a 15 month gap between the first and second seasons. If there is a third season, it will most likely be released in 2019.



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