God Friended Me: Surprisingly Good

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God Friended Me: Surprisingly Good

Haley Stocks, Editor-in-Chief, Online Editor

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A new series started on CBS: God Friended Me. The show premiered on Sept. 30 and received a 70% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The series focuses around the life of Miles Finer, an outspoken atheist with a podcast called ‘The Millennial Prophet’. Finer has a sister and a father, from which he is estranged.

One day, he gets a friend request from an account named “God”. At first he dismisses the request. Soon after several “signs” appear to him including a cloud in the sky and a burning bush.

After several events, Finer decides to accept the request and soon a suggested friend named John Dove appears. At first Finer is confused, but soon he sees Dove passing on the street and decides to follow him. He finds out that Dove planned to jump in front of a train, but Finer was able to prevent that from happening.

Finer was left more confused than ever, especially when he receives another “requested friend”. Cara Bloom, is an aspiring journalist who becomes very interested in the God account. She begins to write a story on the event.

With the help of Bloom and his best friend Rakesh, Finer attempts to locate the IP address of the account. The IP address leads them to an abandoned house with a picture of an angel painted on the wall.

The group returns to Finer’s apartment to find a picture on the computer of Finer’s family along with a doctor and nurse who treated his mother. When Bloom sees the picture she freezes up and abandons the quest to locate the God account.

Finer is left to figure out what connects the two together. In the episode many questions are answered throughout the episode such as who Bloom knows in the photo, why Finer is so opposed to belief in God, and why Finer remains estranged from his father.

The show will air on Sunday nights at eight.

Main cast members include Brandon Michael Hall, Violett Beane, Suraj Sharma, Javicia Leslie, and Joe Morton.

According to the show’s creators they wanted to show how both social media and religious faith can bring people together, instead of tearing them apart.

Without a doubt this should be an interesting new addition to CBS’ lineup this season.

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