The Nun: Conjuring Audiences

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The Nun: Conjuring Audiences

Lucas Harkins, Staff Writer

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The Nun is the first major horror movie to be released this season. Having been released on Sept. 7, it is the most recent addition to the Conjuring franchise. This film ties the demon that is present in the past Conjuring movies, Valac, into this movie who takes the form of a Nun.

The movie immediately jumps into the action when a nun at an abbey in Romania commits suicide after being confronted by the demon, Valac. The Vatican takes notice of this and sends a priest and a young nun, Sister Irene, to the abbey to investigate the abbey’s actions.

A young man who lives in a village near the abbey accompanies the two protagonists in their adventure. He tells the duo of the negative mindset towards the abbey that the village’s people have.

The plot skillfully continues to escalate as the main characters are confronted by the demon, who toys with them from the moment they arrive at the abbey. The young man claims that the body of the deceased nun has moved from where he saw it last, and from there, Valac’s hauntings continue and escalate.

The priest determines that the abbey may no longer be holy, and after Sister Irene talks with a nun at the abbey, they come to realize that their problems are much further rooted into the foundation of the abbey and the lives of the nuns than originally thought. The visitors begin to question what is real and what might be Valac’s toying as they confront the demon further.

The film performs astonishingly at making the audience wonder what could be a reality and what might be the result of the demon driving Sister Irene and the priest insane. The viewer is left wondering if the nuns at the abbey where even real to begin with, if they were even there, or if they had died days before.

The constant and continuous fighting between the good and evil energies in the movie carries the plot into a final confrontation between Valac and the main characters. Possession in this film is portrayed expertly and in such a manner that is very clear and concise. This aspect ties into the ending of the storyline in the battle with Valac and when the young man’s secret is revealed. The Nun is placed very well with the rest of the Conjuring movies and ties in seamlessly. The film has grossed over $231 million worldwide and received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its performances, direction, cinematography, visuals and atmosphere but criticism for its weak narrative and plot and high reliance on jump scares.

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