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Makayla Woolner, Page Editor

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Twenty One Pilots breaking their year-long hiatus from all platforms as they come out with their new album “Trench”.

Some people who were fans of Twenty One Pilots’ radio-hit songs from “Blurryface” aren’t pleased with their different sound in Trench.  However, people who were fans of their other songs besides hits like “Stressed Out” and “Ride” are acquainted with the sounds featured in the songs in Trench.

Within the songs in Trench, the lyrics feature hard-hitting themes such as suicide and mental health. These themes aren’t new to the band either. Their past albums also include difficult topics like these.

Before and throughout the hiatus, the band left clues online and in public about what the next album would be. In July, the first two songs was released, introducing the fans to the fictional city of Dema.

The first music video, “Jumpsuit” was released along with the audio of “Nico and the Niners”. Two more songs were released before the rest of the album; “Levitate” and “My Blood”.

The last ten songs were released on Oct. 5.  Each adding to the story of Dema and its surrounding trench, hence the name of the album.  

The last song on the album is called “Leave the City” in which Tyler Joseph, the band’s singer, talks about how he will leave Dema, but for now he will stay alive.  In the song “Nico and the Niners” the beginning of the song plays a voice backwards that explains how and when Joseph should leave the city of Dema.

Any fans who are immersed in the album enjoy determining what the album means and whether Dema is a metaphor for a real place in the world. The band never reveals the meaning behind their content because they like to allow the fans to believe whatever it means to the fans themselves.  

Therefore, the true meaning is up to each individual who listens to Trench.


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