Do they like me?

How to read the body language of the object of your affection

Isabel Molina, Writing Editor

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Have you ever wondered if a girl you are interested in is flirting with you?  Do you not know how to read body language?  Can you not pick up those subtle social cues so naturally?  Not to worry.  It is a skill that can be learned.  Here are some body language cues that indicate she is into you…

  1. When women are interested in you, their faces are more animated.  The change is quite noticeable.  Their pupils dilate, they raise their eyebrows, they draw attention to their lips, and flare their nostrils.
  2. When a woman is interested, they touch you.  If you make a joke, they might touch your arm or your leg.
  3. If she does not flinch at contact, she is probably  interested.  When two people brush into each other, they normally get uncomfortable and retract, but if they are interested in you, they will maintain contact or advance it further.
  4. If she is fidgety and crosses her arms, leaning back, she probably is not interested.  However, if she does little things like play with her hair, she is probably interested.
  5. When a woman is interested, she will cross her legs.  Extra points if her top leg is pointed towards you.


Not to worry, ladies.  I did not forget you.  There are little cues that guys give too.

  1. If a man is interested, he will lean in, facing most of his body towards you.  He will also stretch his arms out to make him appear bigger.
  2. When a man is interested, he will use his hands a lot.  He will make lots of gestures when he talks.  Additionally, he may also run his fingers through his hair (on the top of his head or facial) or slip his fingers through his belt loops.
  3. A man will mirror the actions of the person he is interested in.  For example, if the person he’s interested in is crossing his or her arms, he may do the same.
  4. If a man is interested, he will speak softly to you.  He’ll lower his voice and be quieter.
  5. When men are interested, they slow down their pace.  They walk slower to match the pace of the object of his affection.’s-Body-Language-for-Flirting

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