Huge Turnout for Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web was a huge success; their opening night was the largest ever

Kelly Corsano

Charlotte's Web and the

Isabel Molina

Charlotte's Web and the "County Fair" held beforehand was a success.

Isabel Molina and Kelly Corsano

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Kelly Corsano
Kelly Corsano

The Stafford Drama Department put on a version of Charlotte’s Web December 11, 12, and 13.

Opening night was the largest the Stafford Players ever had with over 320 people paying for admission.  This does not include teachers or patrons who received free admission.

The play is about a pig named Wilbur, played by Dominic Romanello, who comes to live on a farm but is set to be butchered. Charlotte the spider, played by Elise Andrew, tries and succeeds in saving him by writing messages about him in her web.

The Stafford Players did something different with this play to set the mood.  They held a “County Fair” that mimics the one in the play where patrons could participate in festivities and purchase food.

County Fair 2Isabel Molina

County Fair 3Isabel Molina

County Fair 4Isabel Molina

County Fair 5Isabel Molina

County Fair 6Isabel

County Fair 7Isabel Molina

County Fair 8

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