Attendance Policy

Haley Stocks, Page Editor

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The state legislature has passed a new law to handle attendance in schools. The state has
decided to crack down on unexcused absences and allow some leniency for those with excused
The policy creates a plan for when a student has generated too many unexcused absences to
be deemed acceptable.
“[The policy states] That students that miss more than 5 days start getting letters from us
inquiring about their unexcused absences,” Michele Ward said. “At six days they get another
letter with more information and typically go on an attendance improvement plan and at seven
days they get referred to the court.”
Some students believe that the policy may be a little bit too in depth. They think the policy might
be a little bit too involved.
“It’s too much,” junior Katie Mann said. “It’s not necessary.”
“I hope that it will keep them in school more and they’ll only miss days if they’re sick or there is
some sort of emergency” Ward said.
“I think that when parents get that first letter that it will remind them to send a note when their
students are absent,” Ward said.
For some students the new policy is just another piece of paper to sign at the beginning of the
“I’m not really absent a lot of the time anyway, so I don’t think it matters so much,” sophomore
Mira Dover said.
The administration is still working out how to handle the change in attendence policy.
“[The administration] is still working through it but we are hoping to send lots of reminders to
bring in a note,” Ward said.
Students think that the policy may improve attendance policy, but it does not affect most of the
students at Stafford.
“I think it will improve attendance but I don’t think it will change much [at Stafford],” Dover said.

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