Traffic: An Ongoing Issue

Conrad Carmichael, Staff Writer

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Traffic has been an ongoing complaint from students and staff over the years here at school.  From all the
years at the old school, the year with unfinished construction, and now the new school and new parking lot,
traffic has never stopped being a complaint.
During the times at the old school, there was only one entrance and one exit into the student parking lot.  This
caused extreme slowdowns and traffic every day.  With 600 students going in and out the same place at the
same time, it can be hectic.
“Traffic needs to flow better,” senior Maya Jackson said. “I wish there was better control over it.”
Traffic has improved dynamically over the past 3 years compared to the old school.
“Students should arrive on time,” assistant principal Andrew Bathke said.  “Whatever that means for them, I
don’t really care, just be on time.”
You get two free passes to get tardies and then you receive disciplinary action, if they are unexcused.
“If there is a pattern you can plan for it,” Bathke said.  “There is normal traffic everyday that you can plan for, so
you do not get to come late, unless there is an unplanned issue.”
With no more construction and the roundabout with 3 exits, students really shouldn’t have anything to complain
about, with traffic being at its best in a while.
“People need to stop getting so angry,” said senior Alex Matarese.  “We’re all going to the same place, just
leave when you’re supposed to.”
Safety and efficiency is always the goal when it comes to traffic here at school.
“If people respect each other and drive safely, traffic would be better,” senior Kari Cronrath said.  “Traffic gets
worse when people get impatient.”
When the new school was used the first year, there was heavy traffic in and out of the old parking lot which
was still being used at the time. This was due to construction, students, and staff all having to come in one
entrance making traffic the worst it ever was.
“I’m glad that traffic isn’t so bad this year,” senior Shawn Koetter said. “It was worth it being bad some years so
it could be good during my senior year. We stop sometimes, we go sometimes, we’ll all get there eventually.”
People continue to complain but truthfully, traffic is about as well managed and flowing as it could possibly be
at this point, without building new roads.
“If students have planned for traffic and still are having issues arriving on time, then they can come discuss an
issue with administration,” Bathke said.

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