Reward for boys restroom vandalism

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The boys bathrooms have been vandalized for quite some time, though the breaking of a sink pipe during school on March 12 brought a call to justice. Mirrors were dislodged, soap and paper towel dispensers have been ripped off the walls, partition walls have been broken and clogged toilets happened on a daily occurrence, causing around $2,000 in damages this year alone.

“Most boys are inconsiderate,” senior Caylee Curfman said. “I’m not surprised

Principal Joseph Lewis offered a fifty dollar reward for any information given to himself or the authorities, though it seems that the bribe was unsuccessful.

“I think it was a good idea in theory, but since no one’s come forward, it’s a bit pointless,” senior Hunter Hedrick said.

All information given has been sworn to anonymity, but the possibility for rumors and information to spread is an ever present concern to some.

“Word spreads between aids like wildfire,” senior Toby Lane said. “If something gets heard, there’s no way it goes unnoticed.”

As time passes, the likelihood that any incriminating information will come to light seems to go down.

“There’s so many people doing it these days it’s hard to blame just one person,” sophomore Desmond Whitten said.

The vandalism goes deeper than just damages done to the bathroom. It damages the school’s pride and dampens some student’s school spirit.

“I just don’t understand the mentality,” administrative assistant Christel Kendall said.

The faculty aren’t the only ones who have been fed up with this behavior. Some of the male students who use the bathroom are tired of seeing it so messy as well.

“It causes a disturbance that no one needs to deal with,” sophomore Scott Henderson said.

While they no longer have access to paper towels in the boys’ bathrooms, the amount of damages and messes being caused since light has been brought to the issue has decreased.


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