First Day Pep Rally: Mixed Reviews

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First Day Pep Rally: Mixed Reviews

Susie Webb, Assistant Editor

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A pep rally in the morning on the first day of school greeted the students as they came back to school. The pep rally received mixed reviews.

“I honestly loved it,” freshman Olivia Wilson said. “I loved everyone that was there and all the stuff they had us do.”

For those who were new to the school, the first day pep rally helped introduced them to Stafford in a fun and spirited manner.

“It was quite fun and hilarious,” junior Johan Jeson. “The pep rally was a brand new experience for me.”

Others didn’t like the pep rally as much.

“Quite honestly, I felt like it was too early in the morning for everyone to be so peppy,” junior Arielle Williams said. “The games weren’t as interesting as they were last year, and I don’t think the freshmen were engaged yet.”

One of the main downfalls of the pep rally this year was the singing competition. Normally the competition is the highlight of the rally, but the songs this year didn’t receive good reviews.

“Why did we get ‘What Does the Fox Say?’” freshman Lilly Richardson said. “The freshmen deserve better songs.”

Normally at a pep rally, students stand up in the bleachers, but the entire freshmen class, and half of the sophomores, stayed in their seats.

“I think the freshmen needed to warm up a bit and come out of their shells,” said Kalani Simmons, junior varsity cheerleader.

Some students wished that the pep rally had been later in the week.

“I don’t think there should be a pep rally on the first day of school,” senior McKenna Christmas said. “I think it would be good at the end of the week once everyone’s adjusted to their classes and the freshmen figure out where they are going.”

While some students liked the pep rally and others didn’t, there is no denying that the new school year has certainly started off with a bang.

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