Makeup Work

Hunter Eutsler, Staff Writer

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Since all of the snow days have affected the students and the teachers, how will this change the amount of work given to students? People of all grades will wonder if we will have a boat load of homework a couple of weeks before exams begin.

Nobody wants that to happen, and it could possibly be the worst situation for everybody. The teachers would have to grade all the homework that has to be held back and the students could not fully focus on the exam and more on the homework.

If teachers just forget the homework it would be way easier for the students and could improve the students score. Teachers will just have to sacrifice other classwork for the makeup work. Students work so hard on school work and in the end, these big tests like the exam will determine how hard everybody really worked.

The stress level in the building has been rising from the exams, the snow days will not help one bit. Exams can make a world of difference when it comes to grades and what college that could possibly get into. People underrate the amount of time and effort an exam will take to get a solid grade on. Sometimes I don’t think that the teachers understand how much stress it causes!

The stress levels will be very high and with crazy amounts of homework should not be accepted in the weeks of exams. The work can be accepted after but everybody should be focused on exams.

If teachers just let the students study and allow no homework for the next week and a half, I guarantee the grades will be a lot higher than if students had homework. Students and teachers will be glad to see the progess from the begging of the year to now.

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