Stafford Relaxes Dress Code

Makayla Woolner, Page Editor

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This school year Stafford County finally loosened the dress code policy. Now students can wear outfits that are seen on mannequins in stores without the humiliation of being dress coded.

Girls no longer have to cover their bodies because they are a “distraction” to the learning environment.

In the past, students have been asked to change because they had their shoulders exposed even though their shirt had sleeves due to the wildly popular cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder style.

Sometimes girls would be asked to change when wearing shorts that didn’t pass the fingertip rule because of their body type while other girls in the same outfit wouldn’t be. This was one of the major flaws of the past dress code.

The process concerning a dress code violation wastes students’ time. When they are dress coded, instead of remaining in the classroom and learning, they are placed in an office until they change their clothes into something that is “school appropriate.” This takes up the majority of a period and a lot of time is wasted before the student could return to class.

The dress code violations that haven’t been removed are not fully enforced by teachers. Many students can be seen with tube tops that expose the majority of their torso, including the midriff, even though this is still prohibited.

Teachers are unsure about how much skin can be exposed in the new code.

There is more freedom for students but there is still a line between items that are okay to wear and items of clothing that are inappropriate.

Once this line is firmly established by administrators, students can wear clothes they want to wear. However, they also must have a sense of what they can and cannot wear.

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