5 Tricks to Burn More Calories

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5 Tricks to Burn More Calories

Laila Mashel, Writer

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Lots of people, at one time or another, have worked towards bettering their fitness. From “gym rats” to the people new to working out regularly, everyone can improve and get better. In an attempt to avoid the “plateau” or failing to continue to improve, you must continue to strive to get better and add more intensity to your workout. It could be easier than you think.

1.) Use your breathing to help keep a rhythm and ensure enough oxygen is getting to all your muscles.

2.) Listening to music (for some) can act as a distractor and helps keep you pumped up for your workout.

3.) Work doing “interval training.” Longer isn’t always better and focus on getting a great, all-around workout that’s as intense as possible; just have it last less time so you don’t get too worn out to do the workout correctly.

4.) Focus on strengthening and improving on your weakness. It makes all other workouts easier if you can find and fix different weaknesses.

5.) Train with someone who can motivate you to do better. Workout with someone who is faster or stronger than you so you end up trying harder to keep up.

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