ESL Student Profile- Azada Fnu

Laila Mashel, Writer and Editor

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Azada Fnu is from a city in Afghanistan called Mazare Sharif. She came to the United States of America on April 7, 2014. She speaks a local language in Afghanistan, Dari, and when she came to the U.S. she knew little of the English language. She said, “When first day I came to school I could understand what students and teachers were telling me but I couldn’t talk with them and couldn’t answer to their questions.”

She likes her ESL class and she said that the ESL class is “too cool”, they have fun, and the ESL teacher very helpful in her all subjects.

She is a friendly girl and likes to communicate with everyone. Finding friends in school was very easy for her and now she has many friends in school who help her to improve her speaking in English language. She is very happy that she is in the U.S. because she said, ”Now I am able to learn English language, talk in english language, and I am hopeful about my future.” However, she miss her family, friends, school and especially her dog, who are all in Afghanistan.

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