Disappearing Paper Towels

Healthcare worker pulling out paper towel in hospital

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Healthcare worker pulling out paper towel in hospital

Henry Counsell, Staff Writer

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Paper towels have been missing from the first, second and third floor boy’s bathrooms for several weeks.  This catastrophe has upset many male students at Stafford.

None of the students know why this happened, or who to even blame for the paper towels missing, but the students want them back and they want them back fast.

Yeah, I can’t be walking around with wet hands,” junior Wesley Burton said. “The air driers don’t even dry my hands.”

The paper towel greatly affected the students.  Most students agree that the paper towels dry hands better than the air driers.

“I have heard about the issue and I’m outraged,” senior Conrad Carmichael said.

Many students at Stafford are concerned with this issue. They want the paper towels to stay and stay for good

“I have signed a petition for the paper towels to come back,” senior Joseph Shin said.

Students are demanding for the paper towels to come back.  There has been a petition going around the school for several weeks, trying to get the paper towels to come back.

“I was a little upset when I realized that the paper towels were gone,” freshman Maxwell Carter said.

With the paper towels being gone, many students have been feeling disappointed and down.  It has affected students in all grades.

“ The paper towels need to stay and I am willing to do just about anything to get them to come back,” junior Robbie Baker said.

Many students have repeatedly said that they need the paper towels but there is still no sign of them coming back.  The students will have to wait and see what will happen in the coming weeks.



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