Winter concerts unite student body

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Winter concerts unite student body

Sarah Goldsmith, Staff Writer

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Around the winter holidays, the music departments performed several concerts for the student body and their families.

“I like being able to perform in front of my friends and family,” freshman Nate Alpin said. “It makes me smile knowing they’re there. It’s a bit chaotic beforehand, but it’s still really fun. I like hearing the teacher’s feedback too.”

The students work extremely hard to learn how to play their instruments and how to play well. The concerts gave them great opportunities to show off what they’ve accomplished.

The winter concerts also gave the student body some holiday spirit.

“The concerts are very fun and I enjoy performing for people,” freshman Matthew Reffner said. “We practice a lot and it takes a lot of time but it’s worth it. The winter concert was fun because people seemed to enjoy the music more and it was very Christmas-like and fun.”

The students worked very hard practicing from anywhere between 15 minutes and several hours each night. They started learning the pieces several months before each concert to make sure they get as much time to learn and practice the pieces.

“With the winter concerts, I like that all three music departments get together,” senior Adam Thomas said. “The trumpet choir is completely student run, so we worked pretty hard on that, but it was fun. The jazz band is also fun to play in.”

Not only did the concerts provide a wonderful show for the students, but it gave the music students a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other better. With all the time put into the concerts in class, in addition the time they spend after school, it’s almost like a second family.

“I like that with the winter concerts, people actually seem interested,” freshman Brianna Wallace said. “We’re kind of like a big family, we work well together and it’s nice to show everyone what we can do.”

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