EMT learns to save lives

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EMT learns to save lives

Kayla Perry, Staff Reporter

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The Emergency Medical Technician class has had new projects as well as upcoming ones including ride alongs and practicing different health techniques.

Many people that take the class want to become nurses or other jobs in the healthcare field.

“I signed up for the class because I want to be a nurse so I wanted some experience in the healthcare field,” senior Colleen Schnider said.

From practicing skills such as CPR and wrapping wounds, the students learn to control these different emergent situations while remaining calm and collected.

“If others are looking to go into the healthcare field for their job, the class is a great way to see if you really like the field,” Schnider said.

Some students are also thinking about continuing their EMT education in college, so the class is a great way to see if you’re interested in that specific occupation.

“I plan on working as an EMT while in in college,” Schnider said.

The students also get the opportunity to go on ride alongs on an actual ambulance with paramedics and they get to report back what happened while they were on duty.

“Ride alongs are a good way to really see true action and a behind the scenes of what really happens in an ambulance,” senior Kristen Poore said.

The students have been working very hard this year trying to get as much done as they can.

EMT is a two block class that requires hard work and dedication.

The students are also working on stabilizing injuries and wrapping wounds while also checking for signs and symptoms that the patient may or may not have.

“It is always important to make sure that you are paying attention at all times during a situation,” Poore said.

The class continues to work hard and be very mindful about what’s going on.

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