Improv show brings laughs

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Improv show brings laughs

Kayla Conti, Staff Reporter

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The Awkward Pause Improv Team have just put on their Valentine’s Day show, Love Stinks Improv 6. This is the improv teams third show of the season and is one of their most popular performances.

The improv show took place after school on Feb. 16. The improv team has rehearsal’s after school every Tuesday and starting to prepare for their next show that takes place on March 22.

“[My best experiences from improv are] the time I had a romantic relationship with a horse and then this past show myself and Aaron Humphrey got very close to each other and I think we bonded in a new way,” senior Lee Storm said.

The show Love Stinks Improv Show is a tradition that takes place around Valentine’s Day to add a humorous aspect to the holiday.

“My favorite part of improv is how much fun we have at rehearsal,” junior Ally Yablonski said. “I also enjoy how close we all become because to do improv you have to have a lot of confidence to do it and it helps when you have a close knit group.”

The improv team meets after school every Tuesday to practice games for their upcoming performances.

“My favorite part of this past improv show was the theme Love Stinks because I thought that was pretty funny,” senior Natalie Mullanaphy said. “I liked how people would give examples of what they wanted us to perform and relate the skits to Valentines Day.”

Some of the games that took place during the show was dance break, which is a game that is played at the end of every improv show. This game consists of improvers solving a problem, but the twist is as soon as the music plays then need to dance and whoever moves has to give their character to someone else.

“My favorite part about the improv team is the friendly and very welcoming environment,” senior Aaron Humphrey said. “I was also amazed at how easily welcomed I was onto the team.”

The Awkward Pause Improv Team has two more performances of this season,  performances will take place March 22 and May 17. They will be held in the auditorium at 7.

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